Business Process Automation

Softwares that are totally customized for you.

If you believe out-of-the-box softwares on the market cannot meet you needs, as Novarum Software & Consulting we are ready to present you our software products that can answer your specific needs and automize all of your processes and lets you get rid of all unnecessary workload.

We have the consciousness that all of our customers are special and unique. With this awareness, all of our products are prepared based on needs, profiles and capacity. Also all of our softwares share the same root. So our customers can always have up-to-date solutions.

Request Management

Have an eye on your customers.

To show that you care about your customers' requests, give them a system that they can deliver their needs to you easily, make them sure they will get feedback about their requests and each of their requests will be tracked by the right processes and by right people. So you can see what your customers are expecting from you and with the detailed reporting and advanced rules system you can be sure that requests are processed in time and by the right staff.